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Transportation Management Services
500 South Lake Avenue, Suite 500 - Pasadena, CA 91106
626-260-5547 – Phone
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Creating convenient access, preserving mobility and maintaining environmental quality are challenges faced in communities across the nation. Solving these problems today requires increasing the capacity of transportation facilities and services, making existing facilities and services operate more efficiently, and managing the demand for travel.

Transportation Management Services (TMS), founded in 1985, helps clients address congestion, mobility, access, and environmental issues related to transportation, traffic, and parking at work sites, residential communities, mixed use activity centers, and travel corridors. Working in partnership with developers, public agencies, and consulting professionals, TMS delivers well-reasoned analysis, practical recommendations, and helps implement actions that manage transportation resources and travel demand. The firm blends practicality and creativity in designing solutions that work as well in the ‘real’ world as they do on the drawing board.

Pasadena City Hall

Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant - Everett, WA
Experian Corporation Campus
Costa Mesa, CA
Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

TMS’ skills are applied to:

  • Conducting market and transportation research
  • Assessing and developing public policies
  • Creating transportation management plans
  • Designing parking manegement programs
  • Developing transportation projects
  • Designing, implementing, and managing transportation programs
  • Training and education to develop client capabilities
  • Creating partnerships to mobilize communities and deliver effective programs
  • Evaluating investments in transportation programs and projects

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