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Evaluation of Inland Empire Commuter Incentive Programs
TMS, as part of a consulting team, evaluated incentive programs directed at changing the travel behavior of commuters in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The evaluation revealed that incentives influenced over 70% of participants to start sharing rides.



Access and Parking Plan for Downtown
San Luis Obispo

TMS, as part of a consulting team, developed a program for improving access to downtown San Luis Obispo by creating additional parking through construction, improved operations, and reduction of parking demand.

Other projects in San Luis Obispo include:


Assessment of Atlanta’s Transportation Management Association Program
TMS, as part of a consulting team, assisted the Atlanta Regional Commission to identify areas where TMAs are be needed, determine the potential for forming TMAs, and develop program management policies and procedures for supporting TMAs.



Feasibility Study for the Anaheim
Transportation Network

TMS led a partnership of consultants in creating an association of employers, property owners, service providers, and government agencies to address transportation issues in the vicinity of Disneyland and Anaheim Stadium. Work included assessing market demands, identifying opportunities for providing services that are best accomplished through common investment, developing the organizational structure for delivering services, developing a membership, and providing services.

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