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Playa Vista Mobility Programs
TMS worked on several engagements at Playa Vista, a 1,100 acre master planned community which will contain homes, commercial, retail, and recreational uses.

TMS identified parking requirements that apply at Playa Vista, estimated parking demand by type of land use, presented a rationale for reducing parking standards, and offered recommendations for gaining relief from public parking requirements.

TMS represented Global Electric Motorcars, a subsidiary of DiamlerChrysler that produces Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), in working with Playa Vista in development of a multi-modal mobility plan.


MGM Tower Transportation Management Plan
TMS developed a Transportation Management Plan for this 700,000 SF office building. Responsibilities included identifying conditions affecting travel demand, assessing the feasibility of reducing peak hour trips by 10%, overseeing planning for an off-street transit station, identifying the nature of shuttle services needed to make transit ridership attractive, and developing shuttle services to access the Metro Rail system.


Chastain Amphitheatre Parking and
Traffic Management Plan

TMS was retained by the City of Atlanta to examine the adequacy of parking and the movement of vehicles and people and to provide recommendations to improve patron experiences and address neighborhood concerns at this 6,000 seat outdoor theater.


Shuttle Alternatives for the Aroyo Seco/Rose Bowl Master Plan

TMS developed the TDM element for the area containing the Rose Bowl, one of the nation’s premiere spectator venues. The Master Plan incorporated a variety of transportation management strategies, including remote parking, shuttles, and demand management actions, such as parking pricing, to achieve land use, environmental quality, and community access objectives.


Parking Management Program for the Boeing Company
TMS was retained by Boeing to assess existing trip reduction programs, research commute assistance practices at manufacturing sites with similar characteristics, conduct surveys among Boeing employees, and recommend a series of solutions to reduce the demand for vehicle trips to the site.



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