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Identifying Locations for Bus Pass Sales Outlets
The Pass Sales Retail Market Evaluation was undertaken to ensure that riders are able to purchase fare media easily at retail locations, particularly in areas not served well by existing outlets. Recommendations were made on where Retail Pass Sales Outlets should be located based on need, demand, and availability of bus service.

Greek Theatre Parking, Circulation, and Shuttle Study
TMS has been working with the City of Los Angeles and the operator of this 6,000 seat outdoor theater since 1998 to address parking and circulation conditions and to help develop a shuttle service to remote parking areas and mass transit stations. TMS provided recommendations on site access, traffic management, parking operations and pricing to help ease entry and exiting of vehicles and to reduce concerns for the effect of patron traffic on neighboring residences.


Fairplex Residential Permit Parking Program
TMS developed a residential permit parking program to safeguard parking in the vicinity of the nation’s largest county fair. TMS worked with city staff and residents to determine the needs of the community through a survey, developed administrative procedures, and assisted city staff in procuring signs, forms, and permits.





Anaheim Resort Transit Shuttle Service
TMS identified shuttle stops, developed design guidelines for off-street transit centers, and worked with property owners and hotel operators to locate shuttle stops in the Anaheim Resort District. The engagement also included developing design guidelines for a ‘typical’ Off Street Transit Center.

Other projects in Anaheim include:


MGM Grand Detroit Casino Transportation
Management Program
TMS prepared and helped implement a Transportation Management Plan providing employees & patrons with travel choices. Work included assessing transportation conditions at the site and demand expected among employees, securing participation of transportation service providers for events at the casino to promote transportation services, studying demand for shuttles and availability of transportation services in the vicinity of the casino, conducting a survey of casino patrons, designing a transportation information center including an interactive kiosk, and producing an access guide.


Development and Assessment of Rail Station Shuttle Services

Many transportation services have been placed into operation to take commuters from rail stations to work in the morning and back to stations for the trip home in the afternoon. Other services serve residential travelers by taking them from home to rail stations and reversing the trip at the end of the day. TMS designed a service to meet both of these needs by conducting market research, examining existing shuttle operations, designing routes and schedules, assisting with the selection of an operator, developing tracking tools and evaluating the program’s effectiveness.


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