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Grand Champions Parking Management
TMS assisted the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort to identify parking demand for major sporting events and to determine the feasibility of using off-site facilities to park 3,000 vehicles.


Improving Bicycle Parking Facilities in Torrance
TMS helped the City of Torrance to develop a plan to make it easier to park bicycles and secure grant funds to implement the program.


Guidelines for Highway Reconstruction Traffic
Management Plans

TMS developed guidelines for the California Department of Transportation on where, when and how to utilize TDM as part of Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for highway reconstruction projects.


Transportation Management Association Technical Assistance Program
TMS assisted TMAs across California as part of the California Department of Transportation’s TMA Technical Assistance Program. Efforts included advising groups on membership development, market identification, goals and objectives, institutional relationships, service design and marketing opportunities.


Downtown Los Angeles Carshare Project
TMS was retained by the City of Los Angeles to prepare a proposal to develop and operate a Car Share program for residents of Downtown Los Angeles. Work included research of carsharing operations (i.e., program structure, operators, benefits, marketplace, marketing, user characteristics, technology, success factors, obstacles/barriers, and costs), design of program development and delivery, elements of marketing, and identification of evaluation measures.

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